Bleed is love. Bleed Detroit represents love for the city of Detroit. The Drip on the B signifies the blood, sweat, and tears of joy that every hard working Detroiter puts into achieving their goals.

That same love inspires the determination, excellence, and boldness of Gary Pearson who had the courage to go against the grain and strike out on his own to form Bleed Collection in 2018. A husband and father of 5, Pearson began printing T-shirts that positively promoted his love for his hometown.

After receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries from people wanting to buy T-shirts, Bleed Collection was officially born. What began with just 83 t-shirts has expanded into a full clothing line including hoodies, sweatshirts, and sportswear.

Since its beginning, Bleed Collection has been synonymous with Detroit and the energy and attitude of the city. Bleed has now transitioned into so much more than a fashion brand. For the many who proudly wear the “B”, Bleed Detroit is a lifestyle.